I'm Applauding These Millennials For Standing Up Against Gen Z's Latest Nonsense

I’m Applauding These Millennials For Standing Up Against Gen Z’s Latest Nonsense

“You can take my skinny jeans from my cold, dead millennial legs.”

By now, you’ve probably heard of the whole list of things that millennials do that are apparently no longer cool, according to Gen Z. In their eyes, we’re old and out of touch. Which is news to me!

Old man saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?"


Skinny jeans and side parts were definitely the most shocking. Who doesn’t want their butt to look good in their jeans?!

And my generation has not taken this attack lying down. So here are 15 excellent responses from millennials:


This author made an excellent point about middle parts:

Reading a lot about how Gen Z hates Millennials for our dumb side parts, as if middle parts were not a key part of our Proud Millennial Heritage

06:28 PM – 10 Feb 2021

Twitter: @Gaby_Moss


This person said that Gen Z’ers have just “one thing,” and I quite agree:

@hanifzakianwar_ i’ve seen the tiktoks though 💔 these genz have one thing and that is the audacity.

02:44 PM – 09 Feb 2021

Twitter: @snarkeigh


This woman pointed out that we just can’t win with boomers and zoomers:

(Parts hair in middle)
Boomers: “you look like a lost child”

(Parts hair on side)
Gen Z: “you look like a lost adult”

My millennial ass:

10:45 PM – 09 Feb 2021

Twitter: @KatersTweets


Some reminded us that millennials walked so Gen Z could run:

@snarkeigh Gen Z is just mad the Millennial are the BLUE PRINT. Gen Z is playing the in playground that millennials CREATED.

02:28 PM – 09 Feb 2021

Twitter: @NickiPolitics


Others pointed out that our hair parts on the side sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with embracing our natural selves:

Why does tiktok gen z hate side parts??? My hair grows this way??? I’m not destroying my hair with over-heating it on a daily basis just because some 19 year olds on a video app said side parts make you look old???

04:31 AM – 08 Feb 2021

Twitter: @ColumbiaSkies


This person reminded us of our hard work years ago:

I feel like the gen z’s trying to cancel skinny jeans don’t appreciate how hard we worked to overthrow this style. put some respect on our name

09:27 PM – 08 Feb 2021

Twitter: @snookybees


This person correctly declared that “skinny jeans are our friends”:

I don’t care what Gen Z has to say, middle parts are not for the faint of heart and skinny jeans are our friends

02:27 AM – 10 Feb 2021

Twitter: @msolurin


This woman realized her entire identity is apparently uncool:

I learned on tik tok that apparently using the emoji 😂 is uncool and also being an “old emo millennial” that still wears black ripped skinnies is also uncool.

so my entire identity is uncool. NICE!

06:35 AM – 07 Feb 2021

Twitter: @MADGRRLmusic


This millennial shared that Gen Z bullying extends beyond TikTok into the real world:

As a millennial, I don’t post videos on tiktok because being bullied by Gen Z is already part of my job description

02:00 PM – 04 Feb 2021

Twitter: @er_ique


This woman was distressed to discover she is now old:

genuinely distressed to learn that gen z can tell a millennial by our side parts and skinny jeans when did those things stop being cool oh my god am I old

10:05 PM – 09 Feb 2021

Twitter: @clarabellecows


Some were genuinely sad at all the Gen Z hate:

I’m strangely sad that Gen Z hates us, major flashbacks to being homeschooled and realizing you will NEVER be cool enough to sit with the Cool Kids. I’d use an emoji here for sadness but I heard those aren’t cool anymore??

01:33 PM – 10 Feb 2021

Twitter: @LauraJeanTruman


Many asked for Gen Z to stop shaming us:

Yes I have a side part, yes I wear skinny jeans, YES the crying laughing emoji is one of my top emojis, IM A MILLENNIAL AND PROUD >:( stop shaming me, Gen Z

05:14 PM – 03 Feb 2021

Twitter: @tonimacaroni_


This person pointed out that Gen Z’ers are just looking to boomers for fashion advice:

@BuzzFeed You know who wore middle parts? My parents’ generation. Ditto mom jeans. In your effort to look cool you are emulating boomers. Let that sink in.

11:19 PM – 04 Feb 2021

Twitter: @SargentJodie


And finally, this person had the brilliant idea that we should respond in cursive:

Twitter: @KingFunch

What do you think about Gen Z’s claims that millennials are no longer cool? LMK in the comments below!

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