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About me

  • Name: Natalie
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Feb 14th
  • Gender: Female
  • Type: INFP

Hello! I’m Natalie and I’m a design major in college. I am the super high school level Weeb, but I’m not proud of that. Still I can recomend anime to you if you’d like. I live for Nozomi because she is best girl. All love live girls are precious including the normal cards; I will fight you on this. I can’t stop watching Kizuna AI’s youtube channel. Do not lewd AI-chan pls. This blog is safe for work, but I’ll reblog a NSFW post every once in a while if I find it super funny. Nothing really bad ever and always tagged. If you need me to tag something, just let me know. Superstarsonic is my real life best girl so if you like emo bands and retro anime go check her out!

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