36 Really Relatable Moments For Anyone Who Has Ever Said "Man, I'm Getting Old" To Themselves

36 Horrifyingly Relatable Moments When People Realised That They Were Getting Older

“When I saw my favourite childhood toy in a museum.”

We recently asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the moments that they realised they were old. Here are some of their answers:


“I knew I was getting old when around 9pm at my own party I wanted everyone to go home so I could go to sleep.”


“When I saw girls on a night out in winter with bare legs and no coat and felt concerned about how cold they must be.”


“I was watching a football game a couple of years ago and realised that most of the players were younger than me.”

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“Professional football players are supposed to be grown ups! I used to look up to them, but the majority are actually in their 20s and I’m still not over that.”



“I was sat in my room at 8pm on a Saturday night drinking tea and knitting a scarf for my cat to cover the bald spot on his neck from a vet appointment.”


“One morning I stretched my arms up above my head and somehow I threw my neck out.”

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“My neck was stuck in one direction all morning until it loosened up in the afternoon. I had to turn my whole body to look the opposite way.”



“The day when my eyebrow lady told me I had a grey eyebrow hair.”

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“I was thirty-five at the time. Far too young to be getting grey eyebrows. I told her get rid of it ASAP.”



“When I realised that I would be retired before my co-worker’s kids hit middle school.”


“When I shushed someone to hear the weather forecast.”


“When I watched the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and for the first time ever I had basically no idea who any of the nominees were.”


“When I saw my favourite childhood toy in a museum.”


“On a night out to a busy nightclub I was trying to get up the stairs to use the toilet and it was so crowded. I proceeded to complain to security that it was a fire hazard.”

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“I knew then that I had to leave and put my old lady clothes on.”



“One night when the kids had gone to sleep I excitedly told my husband that we could put our pyjamas on, pop on a movie, and chill on the sofa. Wild night of sex? Nope!”

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“And that’s when I knew. Our children are now ten and eleven. PJs and a movie are still a real treat.”



“When I was in high school and into my early twenties, I used to pull all-nighters all the time and be fine. I’d get a little jumpy by the twenty-third hour but whatever. I tried it again when I turned thirty and I was useless, loopy, and uncoordinated.”


“In a job interview I was asked what my hobbies were. I sat there for a minute thinking of my past times which include gardening, difficult jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, baking, and staying in on Friday and Saturday nights to be with my dogs.”

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“I decided that none of those seemed fitting to tell my future employer as that is not what a typical twenty-six year old does and I didn’t want them to think I was weird.”



“The moment my son, Rufus, had a friend come over and that child began their interaction with me by saying ‘Rufus’s mum’.”


“I work elections where I live, and we have to ask for peoples’ birthdates. I realised I was getting old this year because of all the kids who were born in 2000 and after who came in to vote.”


“The moment my friends and I came to and realised that we were having a very dry conversation about property taxes.”

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“We all looked at each other like ‘these are things we care about now.'”



“When I sit in my car outside the grocery store at 6:58am waiting for it to open at 7am.”


“When I walked into a bar to pick up a food order and was immediately blown away by how loud it was.”


“I was watching The Price Is Right and wanted the washer/dryer, TV, and bedroom set more than I wanted the car.”


“When I saw a kid I used to babysit on a campus tour of the college I was attending at the time.”


“When my partner gave me this pretty pill organiser and I got super excited about it.”

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“It’s just so pretty and that way I know I haven’t forgotten to take my vitamins and iron and stuff, which is another clue by the way.”



“When I got bifocals.”


“When my parents started involving me in major family decisions.”


“I thought I was being flirty with this cute guy while in a queue and when I didn’t realise I was at the end, he said, ‘It’s your turn, ma’am.’ Harsh.”


“I never understood as a kid why people talked about recipes so much or had their favourite ones memorised. Who would decide to read a cookbook in their spare time? I am now that person.”

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“SMH. It first started in my mid twenties and I’m not going back now.”



“When I started falling asleep out of nowhere.”

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“During the height of suspense in Get Out I fell asleep and woke up to credits. In the car as a passenger for more than twenty minutes? Don’t mind me just passed the hell out with my mouth open.”



“The time I bought a new vacuum and was super excited about it.”

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“Felt my younger self shaking her head in disgust at how lame I’ve officially become.”



“My knees have started to ache when it’s raining or starting to rain.”


“When my seven year old cousin asked me who One Direction are.”


“When I started singing along to the songs at the grocery store. Can’t lie, that playlist is FIRE.”


“It truly hit me that I was getting ‘old’ when I was 26/27. An advert for an ‘old school classics’ compilation album came on, and they were all my school year songs.”

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“it felt like they were still quite fresh and not that old. I couldn’t get my head around how they were now being classed as old school!”



“When I realised that I was excited to shop in a different supermarket.”


“When someone suggested watching a movie on a weekday that started at 8:30pm and I was thought it was way too late.”


“When I fell over drunk running for a bus and the twenty-something woman who saw me said ‘are you ok Sir?'”


“I don’t eat fun cereal anymore because it’s too sweet and it makes me feel sick. The day I had to admit that to myself I died a little inside.”

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“Now I eat life brand cereal in a pathetic bid to regain what I lost. It’s not the same. It will never be the same.”


Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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