23 British Tweets That You'll Want To See If You Need A Laugh


Introducing my friends to the girl I became best friends with in the smoking area whose name I can’t remember

01:42 AM – 11 Nov 2020


I will never forget when heartbreak had me crying so much I fell down the stairs at a train station and someone asked me if I was okay and I shouted “do I look ok to you”

10:50 PM – 10 Nov 2020


right everyone check “the army are at pontins” off your 2020 bingo card

11:16 AM – 05 Nov 2020


nothing beats a uk election night. i don’t want algorithms and shiny graphics i want shadow chancellors losing their jobs on tv in a leisure centre at 3am

12:38 AM – 04 Nov 2020


Lockdown 2? We all knew it was gonna happen, and This is How We Knew It 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

06:59 PM – 01 Nov 2020


Worship music slaps when you’re heartbroken. Because you’re really just begging God to come and comfort you and you REALLYYYY mean it LOOOL

12:01 AM – 11 Nov 2020

Source: 23 British Tweets That You’ll Want To See If You Need A Laugh

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