For Anyone Who Watched "The Queen's Gambit" And Suddenly Loves Chess

To Everyone Who Watched “The Queen’s Gambit” And Suddenly Thinks They’re A Chess Master

A Closed Sicilian?! In this economy?!

Over the weekend, I finally got around to starting The Queen’s Gambit, and it’s every bit as good as everyone told me it would be.

Beth playing chess in The queen's Gambit

Phil Bray/Netflix

If you don’t know, the limited series tells the story of Beth Harmon, a young girl who learns she is incredibly gifted at chess while living in an orphanage, and her journey in the world of competitive chess.

I was much like Beth at the beginning…which is the only time I was REMOTELY comparable to Beth in any way, shape, or form:

Beth asking "I wanna know what that is you're playing."

Also me:

Beth asking "The squares have names?"

At first, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get into this show because of my lack of chess-pertise, but that fear was assuaged within 30 seconds of watching.

And suddenly, chess was my new…passion???

me starting The Queen’s Gambit: what’s the deal with chess

me after four episodes: if Beth just castled kingside she could have compensated for double pawns AND still maintained the Sicilian Defense what is she DOING

12:13 AM – 02 Nov 2020

Seriously, live footage of me:

Like, don’t mind me! I’m just over here wondering why the HECK somebody would do a CLOSED SICILIAN???? When three days ago, I would have pictured this:

A Sicilian pie with the word CLOSED on it

A Sicilian pie with the word CLOSED on it

The Washington Post via Getty Images

I went from “how do the different pieces like the horse one and the pawns move again?” to…”HER KNIGHT IS HANGING? OH PLEASE, BELTIK!”

Beth saying can't you see that?

Beth saying can't you see that?


Extreme Regina George voice: GOD, BELTIK, YOU ARE SO STUPID! (Just kidding, I love him a lot.)

And from, “Whoa, Beth seems to be very good at chess” to “SHE ATTACKS LIKE ALEKHINE!”

Benny saying "You attack like Alekhine" to Beth

Benny saying "You attack like Alekhine" to Beth

Anyway, all jokes aside, I’m absolutely loving the series, and this video where folks who really know chess talk about Beth’s moves was an enjoyable watch for a noob like me:

View this video on YouTube /

BRB, actually going to try to learn to play chess.

Source: For Anyone Who Watched "The Queen’s Gambit" And Suddenly Loves Chess

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